Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer - Fast and Accurate Non-Contact Temperature Reader

Published on Oct. 20, 2023, 8:40 a.m.

Thermal imaging technology, a pivotal innovation in medical diagnostics, harnesses the heat emitted by objects to create an image. Unlike traditional visual imaging, thermal imaging captures the infrared radiation from an object’s surface, translating these variations into a visual display of colors. This technology, pivotal in various fields, offers a non-invasive, instant way to gauge temperature, particularly beneficial in medical applications for detecting fever or inflammation without physical contact.

Taking someone’s temperature is an important part of monitoring for illness. However, traditional thermometers that are inserted in the mouth, underarm or other body part can spread germs. The Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer offers a touchless way to check for fever quickly and hygienically.

 Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer


The Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer is an infrared thermometer designed for use on the forehead. It is made by Vive Precision. This non-contact thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to capture temperature readings. It is suitable for adults, children, babies and the elderly.

Understanding the Infrared Thermometer Technology

Infrared thermometers, like the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer, utilize a sophisticated sensor to detect infrared radiation emanating from the surface of the forehead. This technology translates the radiation into electrical signals, which are then processed to display temperature readings. The key advantage of infrared thermometers lies in their ability to provide swift, accurate temperature measurements without physical contact, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Key technical specifications, such as resolution and sensitivity, play crucial roles in the device’s effectiveness, directly influencing its accuracy and reliability.


The Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer has a slender, gun-shaped plastic body with a white finish. It is lightweight and easy to handle. The infrared sensor is located at the tip, while the digital display with backlight is on the rear. There is one button to operate the device.

Build Quality

The Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer has a durable ABS plastic construction that resists breakage from drops. The infrared sensor lens uses hardened glass for protection. While not waterproof, it can withstand cleaning with alcohol wipes. Overall, customers found the build quality reliable for regular home use.

Features and Operation

Some key features of the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer include:

  • Non-contact infrared design - Touchless scanning minimizes cross-contamination.

  • Fast accurate readings - Temperature displays instantly in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Rigorously tested for precision.

  • Fever indicator - Backlit display changes color to red when elevated temperature is detected.

  • One-touch operation - Single button activates the thermometer. Auto-off preserves battery.

  • Memory function - Stores last 30 temperature readings for tracking.

  • Image Enhancement Technology: The thermometer incorporates advanced algorithms to ensure that the temperature readings are not only fast but also precise, catering to the critical need for reliability in medical diagnostics.

  • User-Friendly Design: The Vive D325807 is engineered for ease of use, with a one-button operation that simplifies the process of taking temperature readings, making it accessible for users of all ages.

  • Connectivity and Compatibility: While primarily a standalone device, the importance of connectivity in modern medical devices cannot be understated. Future iterations could benefit from integration with health monitoring systems or apps, enhancing data tracking and patient care.

 Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer

Ease of Use

This Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer is designed for simple one-handed operation. With just one button, users can quickly take a temperature reading. The large backlit display clearly shows the temperature reading in large numbers. It automatically turns on when aimed at the forehead. The intuitive interface makes it easy for children and elderly users.

 Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer


The non-contact infrared technology eliminates the need for physically inserting a probe. Scanning from a distance avoids transferring germs. The automatic shut-off preserves battery life and prevents accidental activation when not in use. It uses harmless infrared light that does not emit radiation.

Battery Life

Powered by two AAA batteries, the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer has an energy efficient design. It can take around 3,000 readings per set of batteries for convenient extended use. The auto-off function turns it off after 30 seconds of inactivity. This preserves battery life for temperature monitoring over weeks or months.

 Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The Vive D325807 temporal artery thermometer is ideal for daily use at home or work. It provides hygienic, no-touch temperature checks for the whole family. The slim, lightweight design makes it easy to carry in a purse or bag for on-the-go readings. It is suitable for people of all ages over 6 months old. New parents can gently scan their baby’s forehead while sleeping. Adult family members can quickly self-scan if feeling ill. It provides peace of mind for detecting fever early.

Analyzing User Reviews

With over 40 customer reviews, the Vive D325807 forehead thermometer rates highly for its innovative touchless design and ease of use.

The vast majority of users highlight its speed and consistency in delivering accurate temperature readings comparable to more expensive models. Many love the convenience of scanning the temple area without physically touching the face, especially when monitoring sleeping children. Parents frequently use it to check for fever at the first signs of illness. Customers mention using it daily to scan family members when entering the home as an added precaution.

Most describe the one-button operation as seamless and intuitive. Users of all ages had no trouble guiding the temple scanner across the forehead while steadily holding down the button. They found the digital display clear and bright enough to read the temperature instantly.

Several customers with medical backgrounds tested it against clinical grade thermometers and found the results consistently reliable. Many praise how the backlit screen transitions to red when an elevated temperature is detected, providing a helpful fever indicator.

Critical reviews focus on the need to carefully follow the instructions for ideal accuracy. Holding the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer at the proper 1-2 inch distance is essential. A few users got inconsistent readings when initially angling it incorrectly or moving it around during scanning. However, once they used the proper technique, the results were precise.

Considering its affordable price and innovative touchless design, most customers found the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer an excellent value. It met their expectations for quickly detecting fever while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination through physical contact. Many remarked that it provided substantial peace of mind for the price.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Non-contact, hygienic scanning; fast and accurate readings; simple one-button use; fever indicator and memory functions.

Cons: Need to hold the unit steady at the right distance; accuracy varies if not properly positioned.


Given its innovative touchless design and accuracy, the Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer provides excellent value. It costs significantly less than many comparable non-contact thermometers. For a budget-friendly price, it delivers reliable fever detection in seconds without risk of cross-contamination. The 1-year warranty provides additional peace of mind.

 Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer

Conclusion and Future Prospects

The Vive D325807 Forehead Thermometer exemplifies the advancements in medical technology, offering a non-invasive, accurate, and hygienic method for temperature measurement. As thermal imaging technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate further enhancements in sensitivity, resolution, and connectivity, potentially integrating AI to offer predictive diagnostics, thereby broadening the scope of its applications in healthcare and beyond. Embracing such technologies signifies a step forward in our collective effort to enhance patient care and public health monitoring.


  • Temperature range: unknown
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°F/0.1°C
  • Measurement distance: 1-2 inches
  • Memory: Last 30 readings
  • Power: 2 AAA batteries

What’s in the Box

  • Vive Precision Infrared Thermometer
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Instructions and quick start guide

Usage Guide

To use the Vive Precision infrared thermometer:

  • Place a new AAA battery in the handle.

  • Point the thermometer sensor at the center of the forehead, 1-2 inches away. Press the button.

  • Keep steady while scanning. Do not move the thermometer.

  • The temperature reading will display instantly.

  • Clean the thermometer tip occasionally with an alcohol wipe. Do not immerse in liquid.