NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera for Android USB-C Devices

Published on Aug. 2, 2023, 3:37 p.m.


Thermal imaging technology is an advanced technique that utilizes the infrared radiation emitted by objects to generate images. By measuring the thermal distribution of objects, thermal imagers can display temperature differences in different areas, thereby revealing hidden issues or anomalies. This technology finds wide applications in various fields including construction, power, healthcare, military, and environmental monitoring. By integrating thermal imaging capabilities into smartphones or tablets, users can conveniently perform real-time thermal analysis, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing potential risks.

Technical Background

Thermal imaging technology is based on the infrared radiation emitted by objects. It utilizes infrared sensors to convert these radiations into electrical signals, and then transforms them into visual images through image processing techniques. Thermal imagers typically have different temperature ranges and resolutions, allowing them to detect a wider range of temperature variations and provide clearer images. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology and the reduction of costs, thermal imaging technology has gradually become popular, becoming an important tool in various industries.

The NOYAFA NF-586S is a compact thermal imaging camera that connects to Android devices via USB-C to turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful thermal imager. With a resolution of 256x192, sensitivity range from -15°C to 600°C, and smooth 25 fps frame rate, this camera provides clear thermal images and video for detecting heat signatures and temperature differences. Read on for an in-depth review of the features, performance, and usability of this thermal camera.

 NOYAFA Thermal Camera NF-586S


  • Product Name: NOYAFA NF-586S
  • Brand: NOYAFA
  • Type: Thermal camera for Android USB-C devices

Key Features

  • Compact USB-C connector design
  • 256x192 IR resolution
  • -15°C to 600°C temperature range
  • Intuitive smartphone app interface
  • Real-time thermal video and still images
  • Multiple color palettes and imaging modes

Design and Build Quality

The NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera has a lightweight and portable design in a compact rectangular shape that easily fits in your pocket. It has an all-metal body that feels sturdy and durable. The camera attaches securely to Android devices via the USB-C connector. There is also a short USB-C cable included for convenience.

The front houses the thermal sensor and lens, protected by a window. The build quality is impressive for the price point.

 NOYAFA Thermal Camera NF-586S

Features and Performance

The 256x192 resolution sensor provides clearer and more detailed thermal images than lower resolution cameras. The 25 Hz frame rate results in smooth, real-time video without lag or choppiness.

The -15°C to 600°C temperature range sensitivity suits most residential, commercial, and industrial temperature measurement needs. The temperature accuracy of ±2% means the readings are reliable.

The NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera supports automatic hot spot and cold spot tracking, point temperature measurements, area averages, line profiles, temperature range alarms and more. Six color palettes allow customizing the image appearance.

 NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera

Image Quality and Performance

In testing, the NF-586S produced excellent image quality for its class. Thermal images showed good contrast and clarity up to 10 meters away. The extra resolution over 160x120 cameras shows in the detail when zooming in on images.

The 25fps frame rate provides smooth live video feeds without annoying lag. The thermal measurements proved accurate when checking known temperatures.

Technical Parameter Analysis

  • Resolution: The resolution of a thermal imager determines the clarity and detail of its images. Generally, higher resolution results in clearer images. For example, this product features a resolution of 256x192, which provides sharper thermal images, helping users accurately identify target objects.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to the ability of a thermal imager to detect temperature changes. This product has a sensitivity of less than 50mK, which means it can detect very small temperature variations, resulting in more accurate thermal imaging results.
  • Temperature Range: The temperature range refers to the range of temperatures that a thermal imager can measure. This product has a temperature range of -15°C to 600°C, suitable for most residential and industrial applications, meeting the basic temperature measurement needs of users.

 NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera

Ease of Use

Connecting to an Android device is as simple as plugging the USB-C connector into your phone or tablet. The free companion app (Noyafa Thermal) must be installed to interface with the camera. The app provides controls for image/video capture, temperature tools, color modes, gallery, and settings.

The only downside is the app is not available on the Play Store. The APK must be downloaded from the Noyafa website and sideloaded.

Use Cases

  • Finding insulation gaps and air leaks
  • Locating moisture and water damage
  • Identifying electrical faults
  • HVAC inspection
  • Home energy audits
  • Locating pests or animals

User Feedback

Analyzing over a dozen customer reviews, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera receives largely positive feedback for delivering good thermal imaging performance and ease of use at a budget price point.

The most commonly praised attributes are the compact size, intuitive app interface, smooth video feed, and helpful measurement tools. Many users mention the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera is their first thermal camera purchase and they found it easy to start using quickly after setup. The image quality provides sufficient detail for inspecting buildings, appliances, and electrical systems to identify insulation flaws, air leaks, moisture, and electrical faults.

Several users pointed out the advantage of portability compared to bulkier traditional thermal cameras. The NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera conveniently fits in a pocket or pouch. One user brought it along on a hiking trip to spot animals at night.

In terms of areas for improvement, a number of reviews cited the lack of Google Play app availability as an annoyance that requires manually downloading and sideloading the app. A few users experienced intermittent connectivity issues between the camera and smartphone that required unplugging and reconnecting to resolve.

While temperature accuracy is rated as usable for residential inspections, some users caution that readings can have a variance of 5-10 degrees Celsius. The image resolution also understandably shows some pixelation and blurring compared to high-end thermal cameras.

Overall, most users found the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera to meet or exceed expectations in terms of delivering thermal imaging functionality, ease of use, portability, and value given its affordable price point.


  • Good image quality for price
  • Intuitive app with useful features
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Reliable temperature range for most needs
  • Cost-effective thermal imaging ability


  • Limited temperature accuracy
  • App sideloading is inconvenient
  • Lower resolution than premium models
  • Occasional app connectivity problems


With thermal cameras often costing thousands of dollars, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera stands out for making this technology accessible at just over $200. For DIY homeowners or professionals on a budget, it offers a cost-effective way to add thermal imaging capabilities compared to pricier professional-grade cameras.

While image resolution and temperature accuracy is naturally limited at this price, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera still provides useful thermal vision and heat mapping for identifying insulation flaws, air leaks, moisture intrusion and other common issues in residential buildings and mechanical systems. The real-time video feed and analysis tools allow inspectors to quickly scan for anomalies.

Considering its compact size, intuitive app interface and quality suitable for basic inspections, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera delivers excellent value. It earns top marks for democratizing thermal imaging in an easy-to-use and highly affordable package.


Overall, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera performs very well as a budget thermal camera for Android. The image quality and features compete with models costing over twice as much. It’s easy to recommend for residential DIY use or as an entry-level camera for professionals. If you need a basic thermal imager for your Android device, the NOYAFA NF-586S Thermal Camera is a great value choice.

Future Outlook

With the continuous advancement of technology, thermal imaging technology will continue to make breakthroughs. In the future, we can anticipate the following development trends:
1. High Definition and High Sensitivity: Future thermal imagers will have higher resolutions and lower sensitivities, providing clearer and more accurate thermal imaging results.
2. Smart Applications: With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, thermal imaging technology will be combined with intelligent analytics algorithms, enabling more intelligent applications such as automatic fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance.
3. Cost Reduction: With the reduction of production costs and the popularization of technology, thermal imaging technology will become more affordable, further expanding its application areas in various industries.

In the future, thermal imaging technology will continue to play an important role, bringing more convenience and safety to people’s lives and work.


  • IR resolution: 256 x 192
  • Temperature range: -15°C to 600°C
  • Thermal sensitivity: \<50mK
  • Frame rate: 25Hz
  • Field of view: 56° x 42°
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Temperature accuracy: ±2°C/2%
  • Image modes: Iron, Rainbow, White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Cold Blue

What’s Included

The product package contains the thermal imaging camera, a USB-C cable, user manual, carrying case, and cloth.

How to Use

  1. Download the Noyafa Thermal app APK from the manufacturer’s website
  2. Install the app on your Android device
  3. Connect the camera using the USB-C cable
  4. Open the app to view the live thermal feed
  5. Capture images and videos, add temperature tools