iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer: A Precise Tool for Ovulation Tracking

Published on Oct. 20, 2023, 8:05 a.m.

Tracking basal body temperature is an important part of understanding a woman’s menstrual cycle and identifying the most fertile days for conception. The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is specially designed to provide reliable two-decimal readings needed for natural family planning. With its upgraded design and useful features, this fertility thermometer takes the guesswork out of ovulation prediction.

 iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer


The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is a basal thermometer made by iProvèn specifically for tracking ovulation. Its high precision sensors provide accurate temperature readings to two decimal places, detecting the subtle shifts needed to identify ovulation. This makes it the perfect fertility tracking tool for couples looking to get pregnant naturally.

Technical Details

The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer utilizes high-precision sensors to measure temperatures with two decimal accuracy, crucial for tracking ovulation. Its design facilitates temperature reading under various lighting conditions, with the backlit LCD screen being particularly useful in low-light environments. The temperature memory function aids users in tracking temperature changes over a month, enabling more accurate ovulation prediction.

 iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer

Key Features

The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer has several useful features that make it the perfect ovulation tracking tool:

  • Ultra-precise sensors provide temperature readings to two decimal places, detecting subtle shifts.
  • Upgraded algorithm delivers fast 60 second reading time.
  • Extra large backlit LCD screen is easy to read in the dark.
  • 30 temperature memory recall in case you forget to record it.
  • Rigid waterproof tip enhances precision and consistency.
  • Switch easily between °F and °C.
  • Gentle beep indicates reading complete.

The improved algorithm not only provides a quick 60-second reading time but also an easily readable temperature display with a large backlit LCD screen, even in dim lighting conditions. Moreover, the 30 temperature memory recall function aids in tracking and recording key temperature changes, allowing for more accurate monitoring of the ovulation cycle.

 iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer

Features and Design

The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer has a number of great features that make ovulation tracking easy and stress-free. It has an extra large LCD screen with backlight so readings can be taken in the dark. The upgraded algorithm delivers fast 60 second temperature readings. There is a 30 reading memory recall in case you forget to record it.

The thermometer has a sleek purple color and compact size for comfortable use. The tip is waterproof and rigid for precise readings every time. It displays in both °F and °C. An audible beep lets you know when the reading is complete.

Using the BBT-127 Basal Thermometer

Guide users on how to use the thermometer before diving into the features and design to align with the logical flow of user engagement. Understanding the operation of the product first, and then delving into its features and design makes the narrative more intuitive.

For accurate ovulation tracking, be sure to take your temperature at the same time each morning before moving around. Record your reading in a tracking app or chart. Over time, you will see a biphasic pattern that indicates ovulation.

Battery Life

The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer runs on a single easy-to-replace button cell battery. Battery life is estimated at around 6 months with daily use. Replacement CR2032 batteries are inexpensive and widely available.


The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is made with non-toxic materials, ensuring user safety during its use. Its waterproof tip design not only facilitates cleaning but also reduces the risk of bacterial growth, providing an additional layer of safety.

 iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer

Intended Use

The iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is designed for women looking to track their menstrual cycles and identify peak fertility days naturally. By taking your basal body temperature first thing in the morning, you can chart your cycle and pinpoint ovulation based on temperature spikes. This fertility thermometer provides the accurate readings needed to understand your body’s patterns.

Analyzing User Reviews

With over 300 customer reviews and a 4.3 out of 5 star overall rating, the iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is highly rated by users. The vast majority of reviews are positive, with 67% granting it a full 5 stars. Only 7% of users give the lowest rating of 1 star.

The most commonly praised features are the large backlit display and easy readability. Reviewers say the extra large numbers with backlight make taking early morning basal temperature readings a breeze - no more squinting to read tiny digits! They can quickly note the temperature without fully waking up or turning on lights that disturb their partner.

Many also comment on the consistent accuracy and reliability of the thermometer in pinpointing those subtle basal body temperature shifts that signal ovulation. Users mention successfully using the readings to chart their cycles and plan conception month after month thanks to its precision.

Regarding downsides, a few users note the loud beep can be jarring first thing in the morning. Some also wish the 60 second reading time was a bit faster, but admit the precision is worth the short wait. Only a couple reviewers had issues with inaccurate readings requiring replacement under the guarantee.

Overall, the vast majority of users are delighted with this basal thermometer. They report effortless tracking of basal temperature, making ovulation prediction easy and accurate. The backlit display, fast reading, and easy use earn consistent praise. For fertility planning and natural conception, most agree the iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer is a must-have tool.

Pros and Cons

- Accurate and reliable basal temperature readings
- Fast 60 second measurement time
- Backlit extra large LCD for easy reading
- 30 temperature memory recall
- Sleek purple color

- Beep may be loud for some users
- Takes longer than regular thermometers


With a price under $15, the iProven BBT-127 Basal Thermometer provides excellent value for money. Given its high accuracy, useful features like backlight and memory, and ability to pinpoint ovulation, this is an affordable must-have fertility tracking tool. The 100 day money back guarantee also makes it risk-free to try.

Future Directions

With advancements in technology, the accuracy and convenience of basal body thermometers will continue to improve. Future devices might include more intelligent features, such as wireless syncing with smartphone apps and the use of AI algorithms to predict the user’s fertility window. These innovations will allow users to monitor their reproductive health more conveniently.

 iProven BBT-127 Basal Body Thermometer

What’s in the Box

The iProven basal thermometer comes with:

  • BBT-127 thermometer
  • Battery
  • Protective storage case

How to Use

Using the iProven BBT-127 properly is key for accurate basal temperature readings:

  • Take your temperature first thing when waking up, before getting out of bed.
  • Place the thermometer tip under tongue and press the power button.
  • Wait 60 seconds for the reading to complete.
  • Record the temperature displayed to two decimal places.
  • Repeat daily, around the same time, to detect ovulation.


  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches
  • Weight: 1.45 Ounces
  • Power: Battery
  • Display: LCD
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.01°F/C
  • Measurement Time: 60 seconds
  • Memory: 30 temperature readings
  • Temperature Range: Unknown
  • Waterproof Tip: Yes
  • FDA Approved: Yes
  • Color: Purple