GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imaging Camera

Published on Aug. 25, 2023, 7:01 p.m.

Thermal imaging technology captures the heat emitted by objects to create a “picture” of their thermal energy distribution. This technology is vital in numerous fields, including medical diagnostics, industrial inspections, and environmental monitoring. By converting infrared radiation into visible images, thermal imagers like the GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R allow professionals and enthusiasts to uncover hidden issues or monitor temperature changes in real-time, providing a powerful tool for analysis and decision-making.

The GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R is a handheld thermal imaging camera designed for a wide range of professional and personal applications. This review covers the key features, design, image quality, performance, and usability of this thermal camera.

 GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager


The GC-US-T4-TI003-R is a durable, compact thermal imager with a 3.5” LCD display screen. It has a temperature range of -4°F to 626°F with high 210 x 160 infrared resolution and thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C. The IP54 rating makes it resistant to water and dust.

Key Features

  • Wide temperature range (-4°F to 626°F)
  • High 210x160 infrared resolution
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C
  • IP54 durable water and dust resistance
  • Lithium battery provides 4-6 hours operation
  • 3.5” LCD display with multiple color palettes
  • Automatic hot/cold temperature alarms
  • Storage on built-in 6GB memory

Technical Background

Thermal imagers like the GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R detect infrared radiation and convert it into an image that represents the temperature distribution of a surface. This process involves a sensor called a microbolometer, which absorbs thermal radiation and changes in resistance, which is then translated into an electrical signal to create the image. Key technical specifications such as resolution, sensitivity, and temperature range are crucial for interpreting the image quality and applicability of the thermal imager across various scenarios.

 GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager


The GC-US-T4-TI003-R has an ergonomic pistol-grip design that makes it easy to handle and aim. It is compact and lightweight at 1.6 lbs. The durable plastic housing has rubber molding for grip. The 3.5” display provides a crisp image. Buttons allow easy access to settings and menus.

Image Quality

With a 210 x 160 infrared resolution and thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C, the GC-US-T4-TI003-R produces clear thermal images. The camera captures subtle temperature differences accurately. There are four color palette options to best visualize the thermal data. Image fusion merges visual and infrared images. The fixed focus provides clear images of objects from 0.5m to infinity.

 GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager


The camera powers up in 10 seconds so it’s ready to use quickly. The lithium battery lasts 4-6 hours on a charge. It has convenient direct USB charging and data transfer. The temperature range covers most needs from electrical, mechanical, HVAC and more. Alarms can be set for high/low temperatures. Accuracy is ±2°C or ±2%. Images are stored on the built-in 6GB memory.

The high infrared resolution of 210 x 160 pixels in the GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R ensures detailed thermal images, crucial for identifying small or subtle temperature variations. Its thermal sensitivity of 0.07°C is exceptional for detecting minor differences in heat, which is particularly important in applications requiring precision like electrical inspections or energy audits. The broad temperature range of -4°F to 626°F allows for versatile applications, from industrial maintenance to medical analysis, accommodating various environmental conditions and target temperatures.


The intuitive user interface and menus make the GC-US-T4-TI003-R easy to operate. Simple buttons allow quick access to settings like palette, image mode, temperature units and more. It’s lightweight and comfortable for handheld use over long periods. The pistol grip fits nicely in the hand. It’s suitable for novice and professional users alike.


The versatility of the GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R thermal imager extends across various domains. In the medical field, it assists in diagnosing conditions through body temperature variations. In construction, it identifies heat losses and insulation defects. Industrial applications include machinery maintenance and electrical system inspections, where it helps in early detection of potential failures. Additionally, it serves critical roles in firefighting, by revealing hotspots, and in agriculture, for monitoring crop health.

 GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Intuitive controls and settings
  • Crisp high resolution thermal images
  • Wide temperature measurement range
  • Temperature alarms to detect hot/cold spots
  • Rechargeable battery for cordless use
  • Robust housing withstands 2m drops


  • Manual focus can be tricky
  • Battery life limited to 4-6 hours
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Display can be hard to see in sunlight


The GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R thermal imager provides excellent value. It has high-end features like a sensitive infrared sensor, wide temperature range, multiple color palettes, and a large high-resolution display. The durable construction and intuitive controls make it suitable for both professional and DIY use. At under $400, it’s very competitively priced for the performance it delivers.

 GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager


The GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R thermal imager provides excellent performance and usability. It captures high-quality thermal images for building, electrical, mechanical, automotive, and other applications. The durable, lightweight camera ispacked with useful features at an affordable price point. Overall, it’s an excellent handheld thermal imaging camera for professionals and DIYers.


  • Sensor: Uncooled microbolometer, 210 x 160 pixels
  • Field of View: 27° x 35°
  • Thermal Sensitivity: \<0.07°C
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to 626°F (-20°C to 330°C)
  • Image Frequency: 9Hz
  • Focus: Fixed focus, minimum 0.5 m
  • Display: 3.5 inch 320x240 LCD
  • Palettes: Ironbow, Rainbow, Hot White, Hot Black
  • Image Storage: 6GB internal memory
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery, 4-6 hours operation
  • Charging: Micro USB charging
  • Size: 204 x 82 x 78 mm
  • Weight: 494 g

What’s in the Box

  • GOLDCHAMP GC-US-T4-TI003-R Thermal Imager
  • USB Cable
  • Soft Velvet Carrying Bag
  • Hand Strap
  • User Manual

How to Use

  1. Charge the battery fully before first use.
  2. Turn on the camera using the power button.
  3. Adjust settings like palette, temperature units, emissivity.
  4. Point camera at target and view image on display.
  5. Adjust focus using side buttons if needed.
  6. Move camera around to scan target.
  7. Capture images by pressing shutter button.
  8. Transfer images to computer via USB cable.