SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera - Perfect for Home Inspections

Published on Aug. 2, 2023, 1:27 p.m.

Thermal imaging technology is an important non-contact measurement method that captures the infrared radiation emitted by objects and converts it into visible images, allowing us to observe the temperature distribution on the surface of objects. In home inspection, building maintenance, and industrial applications, thermal imaging technology can play a crucial role in helping users quickly and accurately identify problems and take appropriate actions. This article focuses on the SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera, a powerful and cost-effective thermal imager, aiming to provide users with comprehensive product analysis and usage recommendations.

The SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera is a high-quality, affordable thermal imaging camera perfect for home inspections, diagnosing insulation issues, and finding heat leaks. With a lightweight, portable design, LCD display screen, wide field of view, and durable housing, this thermal camera provides crisp thermal images to detect temperature differences and visualize heat patterns.

 SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera


  • Compact size and lightweight at 4.66oz
  • Large 2.8” LCD display screen
  • Runs up to 4 hours on built-in rechargeable battery
  • Saves images to internal memory
  • Connects to phone/computer to transfer images
  • Measurement range from -40°C to 300°C
  • 55° horizontal, 35° vertical field of view

Technical Background

A thermal imager is a device that detects object temperatures using infrared radiation, and its working principle is based on the blackbody radiation law. By sensing the infrared radiation emitted by objects and converting it into visual images, users can intuitively observe the temperature distribution on the surface of objects. The SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera utilizes the MLX90640ESF-BAB infrared sensor, with a hardware resolution of 32x24 pixels and a screen resolution of 320x240 pixels. It has a temperature measurement range of -40°C to 300°C, as well as high measurement accuracy and refresh rate, providing users with accurate and reliable thermal imaging results.

Features and Design

Despite its small size, the SHYEKYO infrared camera is packed with features. The 2.8” LCD display provides a crisp 320x240 resolution image, with on-screen tracking of max, min, and center point temperatures. The wide 55° x 35° field of view captures entire walls or large areas in a single image. The durable housing is made of epoxy resin sheets to protect internal components.

Image storage and transfer is easy with built-in memory for up to 100 images. Simply connect the camera directly to a phone or computer via USB-C cable. The 8Hz refresh rate ensures real-time thermal scanning to detect even minor temperature differences.

Performance and Image Quality

In testing, the SHYEKYO thermal imager provided excellent image quality and temperature accuracy. Thermal images showed clear variations in surface temperatures, correctly reflecting heat leaks and deficiencies in insulation. The wide field of view was helpful in inspecting large areas efficiently. Image detail and clarity was impressive for such an affordable model.

Features and Characteristics

In addition to the basic thermal imaging functions, the SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera also features image enhancement technology, which can process thermal images to improve clarity and detail. Its user-friendly interface design allows users to quickly get started, and it supports connection with mobile phones and computers, enabling data transmission and charging via USB-C cable, greatly enhancing usability and flexibility.

Battery Life and Charging

The built-in 600mAh lithium ion battery reliably provides up to 4 hours of use on a single charge. The USB-C charging port makes it easy to top off the battery between uses. The camera can even operate while charging, for continuous use if needed. The battery level is clearly displayed on screen.


The epoxy resin housing feels solid and durable, providing protection for the internal components. The camera survived several minor drops during testing with no issues. It feels like it could withstand the typical bumps and drops that can occur during home inspections and everyday use.

Ease of Use

Despite the many features, the SHYEKYO thermal camera remains very easy to operate. The user interface is intuitive, with just a few buttons to navigate between image modes, adjust settings, and take photos. Even with no prior experience, I was able to start using it within minutes of taking it out of the box.

SHYEKYO thermal camera

Use Cases

  • Finding insulation deficiencies
  • Detecting plumbing leaks
  • Identifying air leaks
  • Scanning for pests or critters
  • Checking for moisture intrusion


Given the excellent image quality, durable construction, and convenient features, this camera provides unmatched value. Similar thermal imagers can cost $400 or more, but the SHYEKYO model delivers impressive performance at just a fraction of the price. For home DIYers or professionals alike, this is an affordable way to gain the benefits of thermal imaging.


With its portable size, wide field of view, built-in memory, and clear thermal images, the SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera is an excellent affordable option for home inspection thermography and diagnosing insulation issues. It’s an easy recommendation for anyone looking to buy their first thermal camera or add an extra unit to their inspection toolkit.

Future Outlook

With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, thermal imaging technology will play an increasingly important role in fields such as medicine, industry, and military. In the future, as thermal imaging technology continues to innovate and mature, we can expect to see more intelligent devices and solutions based on thermal imaging, bringing more convenience and security to people’s lives and work.

SHYEKYO Thermal Imager Infrared Camera


  • Sensor: MLX90640ESF-BAB
  • Resolution: 32x24 pixels
  • Lens Field of View: 55° x 35°
  • Display: 2.8” LCD, 320x240 pixels
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 300°C
  • Battery: 600mAh lithium ion
  • Dimensions: 4.88 x 4.02 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight: 4.66 ounces

What’s Included

The SHYEKYO thermal camera comes with the imager, a USB-C charging cable, wiping cloth, and instruction manual. A pouch or carrying case would be a useful add-on accessory.

SHYEKYO thermal camera

How to Use

To operate, simply charge the battery, turn the camera on using the power button, and point the lens at the target surface. Pull the trigger to capture thermal images. Use the mode button to toggle between image display options. Connect the USB cable to a phone or computer as needed to transfer saved images.