REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera

Published on Aug. 3, 2023, 8:03 a.m.

Thermal imaging technology is a pivotal tool in various industries, allowing professionals to capture and visualize heat emanating from different objects. This technique converts infrared radiation into visible images, highlighting temperature differences in vivid colors. It is essential in preventive maintenance, diagnostics, and research, offering insights that are invisible to the naked eye.

The REED Instruments R2160 is a rugged and versatile thermal imaging camera suitable for industrial, electrical, and building inspection applications. With a 160x120 infrared sensor, it detects temperatures from 14°F to 752°F with high accuracy. Key features include a large color LCD display, multiple color palettes, temperature alarms, built-in flashlight, rechargeable battery, and dust/drop resistance.

 REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera

Key Features

  • 160x120 pixel infrared resolution
  • Temperature range from -10°C to 400°C
  • IP65 rated rugged housing
  • 5 color palettes
  • Hot/cold spot indicators
  • Rechargeable battery

## Technical Background
The REED Instruments R2160 leverages advanced infrared technology to detect and convert infrared radiation into detailed thermal images. The camera’s sensor captures this radiation, translating it into a visual representation that helps users identify temperature variances and potential issues in their subject of interest. Understanding the key specifications, such as resolution, thermal sensitivity, and temperature range, is crucial in selecting the right thermal imager for specific applications.

Design & Build Quality

The REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera features an IP65 rated durable plastic housing that is dust tight and can withstand 2m drops. The ergonomic pistol-grip design provides a steady hold during inspections. Overall, the design is robust and made to withstand tough industrial environments.

Image Quality & Features

With 19,200 thermal pixels, the REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera produces crisp thermal images on its 2.8” LCD. Users can choose between 5 color palettes to best visualize heat patterns. Temperature measurement range spans from -10°C to 400°C with 0.05°C accuracy. Hot and cold spot indicators help identify problem areas quickly.

Advanced Technical Analysis

The R2160’s resolution of 160x120 pixels offers a fine balance between image clarity and device portability. Its 0.05°C thermal sensitivity is particularly noteworthy, enabling the detection of minor temperature differences crucial for detailed analysis. The broad temperature range of -10°C to 400°C accommodates a variety of industrial and scientific applications, ensuring versatility across different environments.

Enhanced Imaging Features

Beyond basic thermal imaging, the R2160 incorporates sophisticated image enhancement technologies to improve clarity and detail in thermal images. Users can select from five color palettes, each designed to highlight different aspects of thermal data, making it easier to interpret complex thermal scenes. The inclusion of hot/cold spot indicators further aids in pinpointing critical temperature zones instantly.

Ease of Use

Despite its sophisticated thermal imaging capabilities, the REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera remains easy to operate thanks to its intuitive menu system and buttons. The built-in flashlight aids in low light situations. Images and data can be saved to the included 16GB microSD card for reporting. The rechargeable battery lasts approx. 4 hours per charge.

Diverse Applications

The versatility of the R2160 extends to various fields, including medical diagnostics, building inspections, industrial maintenance, firefighting, military operations, and scientific research. In each domain, thermal imaging provides valuable insights — from detecting heat loss in buildings to monitoring the health of electrical components and aiding in search-and-rescue missions.


The REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera comes with Windows/Mac software to analyze images, temperature data, generate reports, and update firmware. It allows advanced analysis like comparing images side-by-side.


  • Crisp 160x120 thermal images
  • Rugged IP65 housing
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Temperature alarms
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery


  • LCD screen is not touchscreen
  • Short 4 hour battery life


At around $500, the REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera provides excellent value given its thermal resolution, temperature accuracy, and ruggedness. REED backs this camera with a 1-year warranty.

Market Analysis and Future Outlook

As thermal imaging technology continues to evolve, the market sees a growing demand for innovative solutions like the R2160. Future advancements may focus on enhancing resolution, sensitivity, and user interface, expanding the possibilities of thermal analysis in new industries and applications. Understanding current trends and anticipating future developments is essential for professionals seeking to leverage thermal imaging technology effectively.


The REED Instruments R2160 stands out as a robust and versatile thermal imaging solution, well-suited for a wide range of applications. Its balance of high-quality imaging, user-friendly features, and durability makes it a valuable tool for professionals across various industries. With its competitive price point and solid performance, the R2160 represents a smart investment in thermal imaging technology.

 REED Instruments R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera


  • Infrared resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 400°C
  • Thermal sensitivity: 0.05°C
  • Field of view: 50° x 38°
  • Display: 2.8 in color LCD
  • Image frequency: 9Hz
  • Focus: Manual
  • Palettes: Iron, Rainbow, White hot, Black hot, Arctic
  • Image storage: Removable microSD card
  • Battery: Rechargeable li-ion battery, 4 hours operation
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  • Environmental rating: IP65

What’s Included

  • R2160 thermal imaging camera
  • USB cable
  • Lens cover
  • 16GB microSD card
  • Soft carrying case
  • Software CD and user manual

How to Use

  1. Charge battery fully before first use
  2. Insert microSD card
  3. Turn on camera using power button
  4. Adjust settings as needed (emissivity, palette, etc)
  5. Point camera at target and view image on LCD
  6. Move closer or further until image is in focus
  7. Use buttons to save images and temperature data
  8. Transfer images and data by removing SD card or USB cable
  9. Analyze images and create reports using included software