Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer

Published on Aug. 2, 2023, 5:19 p.m.

Infrared thermal imaging technology has revolutionized the way we visualize heat and detect issues in various fields. From medical diagnostics to industrial inspections, thermal imagers capture the heat emitted by objects, converting it into a visible image that showcases temperature variations. This article delves into the Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam, a cutting-edge thermal imager, shedding light on its capabilities and applications in phone PCB troubleshooting.

The Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer is a professional phone PCB motherboard thermal imager designed for troubleshooting and repairing smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and more. With its powerful thermal imaging and analysis software, it can quickly and accurately detect issues like short circuits and micro current leaks on phone motherboards. Read on for an in-depth review of its features, performance and suitability for phone repair technicians.

 Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer


The Qianli ShortCam Analyzer features a compact handheld design with an infrared thermal camera, visible light camera and large LCD display screen. It captures high resolution thermal and visible images to pinpoint overheating components on PCB boards. The included PC software allows for intelligent analysis like abnormal to normal motherboard comparisons.

Key Features

  • Infrared thermal camera with 160x120 resolution and 57° x 44° lens angle
  • Visible light camera with 1920x1080 resolution
  • Dual optical interlaced positioning
  • Detects chip, resistor and capacitor temperatures
  • Finds capacitance micro current leakage and short circuits
  • Intelligent analysis software compares normal and abnormal boards
  • Handheld design with LCD display

Design and Build Quality

The Qianli ShortCam has an all-black plastic body with a pistol-grip handle and a 2.8” color LCD on the back. The construction feels solid but is still lightweight for handheld use. The power and shutter buttons are conveniently located. The included stands securely hold it above motherboards at different angles.


In testing, the Qianli ShortCam performed exceptionally at quickly detecting overheating components on smartphone motherboards. The thermal camera visualizations clearly showed hot spots while the software analysis accurately diagnosed the root causes like shorted capacitors. This allowed failing parts to be identified and replaced precisely.

 Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer

Image Quality and Accuracy

Considering its lower 160x120 IR resolution, the ShortCam produces decent thermal images that clearly show temperature variation across motherboard components. The analysis software highlights abnormal hotspots accurately. Overlaying the visible image helps match hotspots to specific chips and parts. Accuracy is suitable for troubleshooting and detecting faults.

Technical Parameters Analysis

The Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam’s thermal camera boasts a resolution of 160x120 pixels, pivotal for identifying intricate thermal patterns on PCBs. Its sensitivity is crucial for detecting minimal temperature variations, essential for pinpointing faults. The 7.5-13.5 μm wavelength range ensures a broad spectrum of heat detection, accommodating various repair scenarios.

Ease of Use

Despite the advanced technology, the ShortCam Analyzer is easy and intuitive to operate. The menus and modes are straightforward to navigate. Images and readings are clear on the built-in display. The included PC software seamlessly connects to provide detailed thermal mapping and analysis.

Functional Features

The ShortCam employs advanced image enhancement technologies to refine visual clarity, aiding technicians in accurately identifying problem areas. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a responsive LCD display, streamlines the diagnostic process, making it accessible even for those new to thermal imaging.

 Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer

Software and Analysis

The included Windows software provides powerful modes like difference imaging for before/after analysis. It can compare images to baseline normal boards to accurately detect abnormal hotspots. The automated analysis eliminates guesswork and makes it easy for anyone to interpret the images and pinpoint faults.

Use Cases

The Qianli ShortCam Analyzer is ideal for:
- Smartphone repair shops - Quickly diagnose iPhone, Samsung, Huawei motherboard faults
- Electronics technicians - Find failures on any PCB boards
- R&D engineers - Test prototypes for overheating issues
- PC repair businesses - Detect hot spots on laptop motherboards


  • Accurate and detailed thermal imaging
  • Intuitive software with diagnostic tools
  • Durable construction for regular use
  • Reasonably priced for capabilities


  • Moderate learning curve to utilize all features
  • Battery life could be longer for extended use


With an MSRP of $599, the Qianli ShortCam Analyzer represents an affordable tool for phone repair technicians. The amount of time and money it saves by accurately troubleshooting motherboard faults makes it well worth the investment for any smartphone repair shop.


For quickly diagnosing and locating issues on smartphone PCB boards, the Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer is an indispensable tool. Its powerful thermal camera and intelligent software provide accurate analysis that makes repairs faster and easier. For any phone repair technician looking to enhance their capabilities, the ShortCam Analyzer should be strongly considered.

Future Outlook

The trajectory of thermal imaging technology points towards greater integration with AI and IoT, promising enhanced diagnostic precision and real-time monitoring capabilities. The Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam is at the forefront, potentially incorporating these advancements to offer more nuanced and comprehensive analyses in PCB diagnostics and beyond.

 Qianli LINC IIT ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer


  • Thermal camera: 160x120 pixels
  • Visible camera: 1920x1080 pixels
  • 7.5-13.5 μm wavelength range
  • 57° x 44° lens angle
  • Handheld design with 3.5” LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery and DC power input

Box Contains

  • ShortCam Infrared Thermal Imaging Analyzer
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Hard carrying case
  • PC software CD
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration card

Getting Started

  1. Charge the ShortCam with the AC adapter or connect to PC via USB
  2. Install software on a Windows PC
  3. Connect ShortCam to PC and launch software
  4. Point camera at target PCB board
  5. Review thermal and visible images on screen
  6. Use tools like hot spot detection and board comparisons
  7. Generate analysis reports to diagnose faults