FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera - A Versatile Thermal Imaging Accessory

Published on Aug. 2, 2023, 5:53 p.m.

Thermal imaging technology captures the invisible infrared radiation emitted by all objects and translates it into visible images, providing a unique perspective on the world around us. This technology has revolutionized a variety of fields, from medical diagnostics to building inspections, by allowing us to see what the naked eye cannot. The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera harnesses this technology, turning your Android or iOS device into a powerful thermal imaging tool, capable of detecting subtle temperature variations with high precision.

The FLIR ONE Pro is a thermal imaging camera accessory that connects to Android smartphones and tablets via USB-C. It detects infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye and converts it into thermal images on your device’s screen. With a compact form factor and adjustable connector, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera turns your phone into a versatile tool for inspecting electrical issues, finding water damage, and solving heating and cooling problems.

 FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera


The highlight feature of the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera is the 1440x1080 resolution infrared sensor, which produces sharp thermal images translated through FLIR’s MSX and VividIR image processing. This allows you to see minute temperature differences and detailed heat signatures. The operating range spans -4°F to 752°F. An accompanying app provides real-time tips, multiple spot meters, and report generation.

While designed for Android, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera also works with iOS devices using a Lightning adapter. The rechargeable battery lasts around 1 hour of continuous use. Key specs include 160x120 thermal resolution, 5MP visible light camera, and -10°C to 400°C temperature measurement range.

Key Features:

  • 160x120 thermal resolution
  • 1440x1080 visible camera resolution
  • Temperature range from -4°F to 752°F
  • MSX and VividIR image enhancement
  • FLIR ONE app with spot meters and reporting
  • Adjustable connector fits most smartphones
  • Rechargeable battery for 1 hour of use

Technical Background

Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared energy and convert it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on your device’s screen. The resolution of a thermal imager is crucial as it impacts the clarity of the image, while its sensitivity determines its ability to detect small temperature differences. The FLIR ONE Pro, with its high-resolution infrared sensor and advanced image processing technologies like MSX and VividIR, sets a new standard in mobile thermal imaging.

Features and Performance

The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera delivers excellent image quality and temperature accuracy. Thermal resolution is 4x higher than the previous FLIR ONE model, making it easier to spot subtle temperature variations. The MSX feature fills in detail from the visual camera to make thermal images more recognizable. VividIR image processing further enhances thermal images.

The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera measures temperatures from -4°F to 752°F and can detect differences as small as 0.1°C. Images update quickly enough for scanning large areas. The FLIR app provides instant temperature readouts from any point in the image. You can also set hot and cold markers to instantly identify problem areas.

The FLIR ONE Pro’s MSX technology integrates high-fidelity visual details into thermal images, making it easier to identify and diagnose issues. Its VividIR technology enhances image quality and detail, ensuring that users can see and measure temperature differences accurately. The device’s intuitive app interface allows for quick adjustments and detailed analysis, while its compatibility with a range of smartphones ensures it can be used in various settings and applications.

 FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera

Image Quality

Thanks to the high thermal resolution paired with FLIR’s imaging algorithms, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera delivers excellent image quality for a mobile accessory. It reveals temperature variances invisible to regular cameras, while the MSX technology overlays visible light details for sharper thermal images. The 5MP visual camera supplements your inspection with contextual visible light photos.

Technical Specifications Analysis

The FLIR ONE Pro’s 160x120 thermal resolution provides four times the image clarity of its predecessor, enabling users to spot minute temperature variations that could indicate potential issues. Its sensitivity to detect temperature differences as small as 0.1°C is particularly crucial in applications like electrical inspections or energy audits. Moreover, its broad temperature range allows it to operate in a variety of environments and conditions, making it a versatile tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Ease of Use

The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera features an adjustable connector that fits most smartphones, though very thin cases may impede proper fit. Turning it on, connecting to your phone, and launching the FLIR app is quick. The app provides an intuitive interface for adjusting thermal palette, setting spot meters, and recording images or video. Lack of pass-through charging does mean you must charge the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera separately from your phone.


  • Finding insulation deficiencies, air leaks, moisture intrusion in buildings
  • Inspecting electrical panels, wires, and components for hot spots
  • Diagnosing HVAC issues like clogged vents or failing components
  • Detecting plumbing leaks behind walls and under sinks
  • Checking for small pest infestations in walls or ceilings
  • Wide variety of automotive diagnoses from overheating to electrical

Battery Life

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts around 1 hour of active use. You’ll need to frequently recharge, ideally keeping it plugged in between uses. The battery is not user replaceable, so its lifespan determines the camera’s functional lifespan. Charging takes about 40 minutes.


While not ruggedized, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera’s small form factor makes it fairly durable. The adjustable connector protects your phone from damage if dropped while attached. The lenses are recessed for protection. The included pouch and case allow safe storage during transport. Overall build quality seems solid.

Use Cases:

  • Building inspections
  • HVAC diagnostics
  • Finding water damage
  • Locating insulation gaps
  • Electrical inspections
  • Finding heat anomalies

User Feedback

The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera has received mixed feedback from users. Positive reviews praise its image quality and detection capabilities. Many contractors and homeowners report that the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera has already paid for itself by helping them find issues like insulation gaps, pipe leaks, and electrical hotspots.

However, some users complain about the battery life only lasting 45-60 minutes. Others report connection problems with certain phone models. A common frustration is the lack of pass-through charging, requiring the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera’s battery and phone to be charged separately.

Despite these drawbacks, most reviews agree that the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera provides excellent value for the money. The image quality and feature set rival cameras costing thousands more. The compact size and smartphone connectivity create new possibilities for thermal imaging. For anyone needing basic infrared inspection capabilities, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera is an affordable gateway into thermal imaging.

Overall, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera delivers outstanding thermal imaging and temperature accuracy for a mobile accessory. Minor frustrations aside, it makes thermal imaging accessible for more commercial and residential applications. The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera is a versatile, cost-effective tool for troubleshooting heat-related issues.


  • Crisp thermal images
  • Accurate temperature measurements
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable for most budgets


  • Battery life limited to 1 hour
  • No pass-through charging
  • Minor software quirks


With a $500 MSRP, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera is priced similarly to FLIR’s standalone C2 model. While not cheap, it provides thermal imaging capabilities far exceeding a thermal gun or cheaper Seek model. For those needing professional-grade thermal images on a mobile device, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera delivers good value compared to buying a separate thermal imaging camera.

 FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera


The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera makes thermal imaging highly accessible by leveraging your existing smartphone. Image quality and temperature accuracy meet professional standards, while the adjustable connector and intuitive app make it easy to integrate into inspections. With broad use cases from buildings to electrical to automotive, it’s a versatile tool for professionals or handy homeowners. Battery life is the main limitation. For Android users needing professional thermal imaging on-the-go, the FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera is an excellent choice.

Market Analysis and Future Outlook

The thermal imaging market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by advances in technology and expanding applications in diverse fields. As devices like the FLIR ONE Pro become more accessible, we can expect to see broader adoption and innovative uses of thermal imaging. Future developments may include enhanced resolution, integration with augmented reality, and increased connectivity options, further expanding the potential of thermal imaging technology.


  • Thermal sensor: 160×120 pixels
  • Visible camera: 1440×1080 pixels
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 752°F
  • Battery life: 1 hour use per charge
  • Size: 1.4 x 2.7 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces

Box Includes:

  • FLIR ONE Pro camera
  • Protective case
  • USB-C to USB-A charge cable
  • Quick start guide


  1. Fully charge FLIR ONE Pro
  2. Download FLIR ONE app
  3. Connect camera to phone
  4. Open app and allow time to connect
  5. Adjust connector to fit phone
  6. Point camera to scan for heat variations